Anasayfa / BBY 302
Prof.Dr. S. Serap Kurbanoğlu

Ders Hakkında

Course title: Management of Information Technology 

Course code: BBY 302 

Type of course: Compulsory 

Level of course: Undergraduate 

Year of study: Third Year 

Semeter/trimester: One 

Number of credits allocated (work load based):

Objective of the course: The main objectives of this course are to introduce the major information technologies and automation systems and to emphasize the managerial aspects of the use of information technologies.   

Pre-requisite(s): None 

Teaching Methods: Lectures and classroom discussions. 

Assessment Methods: Two midterms and a term paper (% 50), a final exam (% 40)) and attendance (%10) 

Language of Instruction: English 

Course Contents: Introduces major information technologies and automation systems that are used in information centers. Emphasizes the managerial aspects (personnel management, training, security, auditing, maintenance, etc.) of use and management of information technologies.  Students gain the basic knowledge of how to select and evaluate information technology hardware and software products and how to plan and implement information technology services in information centers. 

Recommended Reading:

Laudon, K. C. ve Laudon, J. P. (2004). Management information systems: Managing the digital firm (8. bs.). Upper Saddle River, NJ.: Prentice Hall.