Anasayfa / BBY 202
Prof.Dr. S. Serap Kurbanoğlu

Ders Hakkında

Course title: Systems Analysis

Course code: BBY 202

Type of course: Compulsory

Level of course: Undergraduate

Year of study: Second Year   

Semester/trimester: One

Number of credits allocated (work load based): 3

Objective of the course: The main objectives of this course are to provide an overview of systems analysis, systems analysis tools & techniques and to teach students how to use systems analysis effectively in information centers.

Pre-requisite(s): None

Course Contents: Reviews the “systems” concept in detail along with its components and environment, general systems theory and systems development life cycle.  Concentrates on the processes of systems analysis, data gathering, decision models, functional design tools (flow charts, GANTT and HIPO charts) used in project management, implementation and evaluation of systems. 

Teaching Methods: Lectures, problem solving activities and classroom discussions.

Assessment Methods: Two midterms and assignments (% 50), and a final exam (% 50)    

Language of Instruction: English

Recommended Reading:

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